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Diversity Training is Good, But…


Merriam-Webster defines diverse as:

  1. Differing from one another: unlike < people with diverse interests >
  2. Composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities: < a diverse population >


Most employers and employees agree that diversity in the workplace is a very good thing, as is Diversity and Inclusion Training. But how can an employer maximize creativity and productivity after achieving a diverse work force? Answer, stop talking so much about employees’ differences and instead focus on employees’ similarities. Place greater emphasis on the Inclusion part. Form a cohesive unit committed to accomplishing the mission.


“Let’s Talk,” Managers and Transgender Workers

Blog2FA man (or woman) may begin working for an employer as a male and then begin transiting to a female several weeks into the job. How should an employer handle this apparent change to avoid possible liabilities? Answer; to start, have a “sit down” with the employee to better understand the apparent changes and possible job adjustments the employee might require. The employer who ignores apparent signs of transition might be creating liabilities, especially considering that transgender issues are one of the EEOC’s top enforcement priorities.


New EEOC Charge Process, No Big Deal!

Blog_1FThe EEOC implemented its new “…nationwide charge process procedures that provide for the release of the Respondent’s position statements and also non-confidential attachments to a Charging Party or her representative upon request during the investigation of her charge of discrimination…”  This is a good thing only if you know how to successfully navigate the administrative Charge process.