G. Steve Bashen (“Steve”), SPHR

Executive Vice President

As part of Bashen Corporation Strategic Management Team for nearly twenty years, Mr. Bashen supports the service delivery and quality control of Bashen Corporation.  Mr. Bashen directs Bashen’s claims administration service delivery through his leadership in operations focusing on process and consultant staff training.  Mr. Bashen ensures the development and implementation of organization-wide strategies, prioritizing organizational efforts and resources toward development and education activities that are critical to Bashen’s mission, vision, culture, values, and strategic priorities.  Mr. Bashen also ensures continued organizational effectiveness in talent acquisition through both acquisitions and organic growth.  Mr. Bashen performs needs assessment for training and staff development to enhance the effectiveness of employee performance in achieving the goals and objectives of the individual and organization.

Mr. Bashen also handles investigations for Bashen’s client the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”), including both the Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”). DHS vetted Mr. Bashen and granted him a security clearance to handle classified/sensitive national security matters under Public Trust.

Mr. Bashen has oversight for security training including information technology and rules of behavior in accordance with personal identifiable information (PII) sensitive data.  Mr. Bashen ensures the protocols and procedures are followed including physical, personal, and protection of all business information and data accessed are secured in accordance with the contract.

An expert in LinkLinePlus, Mr. Bashen provides client software support.  Mr. Bashen possesses more than 25 years of investigative experience, with an emphasis on EEO and Harassment claims investigations and administration, compliance, diversity initiatives, and fair employment practices. Mr. Bashen has in depth knowledge of MD110, 29CFR, 1614, Title VII, the Pregnancy Discrimination, Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Equal Pay Act, Civil Rights Act of 1991, Sections 501 and 505 of the Rehabilitation Act, GINA, and Executive Orders 11246, 13548, 13583 and much more.

Mr. Bashen is also a motivational speaker, lecturer, and client trainer, rendering advice and consultation to Bashen Corporation’s clients and staff regarding effective investigative best practices; claims management; regulatory compliance; and EEO claims preventative strategies.  Mr. Bashen has travelled around the country to provide on-site business training for over 100,000 managers, supervisors, and general workforce population.  Mr. Bashen wrote the treatise titled, “Civil Rights Investigations and the FCRA.”  Mr. Bashen is an EEO subject matter expert having investigated or managed thousands of EEO claims and compliance initiatives.  Mr. Bashen provides AAP guidance to numerous federal contractors, including organizations conducting business on Navajo land or with the Navajo Nation to develop and implement Navajo Affirmative Action Plans (“NAAPs”).  He also gathers and analyzes information to evaluate the contractors’ compliance with Executive Order 11246.  Mr. Bashen is a member of the National Industry Liaison Group


Mr. Bashen is a published author and has written several notable Industry articles including: “Building a Strong EEO/AA Business Plan”; “Best Practices – EEO Investigations” – 2005; “Civil Rights Investigations and the FCRA” – 2000, Revised 2001.  Mr. Bashen co-authored the article, “The Color of Diversity” – 2004, Revised 2007.  He has also published numerous business white papers including: “Privilege Is Not Yours Alone” – 2002 and “The EEOC Process: The Nuts and Bolts” – 2003; “Stop Killing the Trees: LinkLine® the web-based answer to EEO Claims Administration” – 2004; A Look at the No Fear Act – 2005; “Diversity in Black, White, Brown and Yellow” – 2006 and “More Than Two: What Took You So Long?”  – 2007.


Mr. Bashen earned a Bachelor of Science in professional writing from the University of Houston.  He is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources.  Mr. Bashen is a U.S. Veteran with service in the United States Navy and United States Marine Corp.